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Assessing Domains for Non-Renewal
As expiration dates approach for domains in your portfolio, you may be asking if there are any domains that should be let go. Before setting a domain name to Do Not Renew, it is essential to consider some of the key implications of releasing a domain. First, consider the yearly costs incurred by holding the domain registration. Brand owners should use this as a baseline for the internal value of the domain. We then encourage clients to determine if the annual cost of the domain registration can be justified by any of the following factors. If so, it may be a... Read More
Portfolio Marketing Manager
Time to Establish that Bitcoin Account: Ransomware isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon
Wanna cry? I’m guessing quite a few people did back on May 13, 2017, a Saturday, when a unique new ransomware, dubbed WannaCry, swept the world, targeting computer systems in almost 100 countries. This malicious software, stolen from the National Security Agency, was distributed via email to many large global companies and government agencies, taking over the computers and encrypting the data files. The ransom demand was for $300 or more via Bitcoin (anonymous online currency), to receive the encryption key needed to unlock the files. Ransomware of this nature leaves many corporations in a bit of quandary. Should they pay... Read More
Domain Services Manager
Moving to a .LAW Domain: Insights into the Domain Name Change Process
MarkMonitor continually seeks to provide its corporate clients relevant and timely services that can help them manage their domain name portfolios. An important example of this is facilitating the submission of domain disputes, for which we have collaborated with The GigaLaw Firm (hereafter, GigaLaw) for the past decade. GigaLaw founder Doug Isenberg recently announced an update of the firm’s primary web presence from a legacy Top Level Domain (TLD), .COM, to a new generic TLD, .LAW. You may already be familiar with GigaLaw from past MarkMonitor events where Doug has been a guest speaker and panelist. The new domain, https://GIGA.LAW/, is... Read More
Portfolio Marketing Manager
Phishers Specialize in Using Loopholes: IDN Homographic Attacks
In March of this year brand owners operating an ecommerce presence on the Internet became generally aware of a buggy issue in how Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are displayed in the address bar of a browser. Dependent upon the domain name, and language used, a user could incorrectly believe they were at a legitimate site. For example, consider the domain names: and рау.com. Yes, there IS a difference. The second domain name is made up entirely of Cyrillic Russian letters to the left of the dot, making the two domains visually indistinguishable. This is the trick: depending on the web... Read More
Policy Counselor
INTA Annual Meeting Update, Barcelona, May 2017
MarkMonitor representatives were proud to attend the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting from May 21 to 24 in Barcelona, Spain. With 10,668 registrants, the 2017 Annual Meeting was the largest ever held by INTA. It was also the largest for MarkMonitor and our first as a Clarivate Analytics flagship brand, with 15 attendees representing our operations in London, Boise, San Francisco, and Barcelona. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with our clients and partners, to engage with the INTA community and support the mission of the organization through our committee leadership and by facilitating education sessions. In addition to attending... Read More
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