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Here we go again! Tax Season Scams are Back
Last year I wrote Tax Season Equals Fraud Season, and this year is no different. On February 3, the IRS issued an urgent alert warning businesses that threat actors are again using the same executive impersonation scam from last year, except in 2017 they have expanded beyond for-profit businesses to non-profit organizations, such as schools, tribal organizations, and non-profits. The most prevalent type of scam in circulation at the moment is often referred to as Business Email Compromise (BEC) or Business Email Spoofing (BES). Essentially it consists of a cleverly manufactured email designed to look legitimate – often using lookalike domain... Read More
Product Marketing Manager, Domain Management
2016 Domain Year in Review
It’s that time of year when the domain industry reflects on 2016 and makes predictions for 2017. Last year I made a number of predictions. I knew that new gTLDs would continue to dominate discussions throughout the year. I anticipated that new gTLD use would increase. I knew there would be important developments in the ICANN community. Finally, I anticipated that companies would continue to face advanced security threats. Here are the details on my top five domain highlights from 2016: Launches, Launches and More Launches It was a busy year for domains. Not only did new gTLDs continue to launch... Read More
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Understanding Digital Piracy in OTT and IPTV Channels
Broadcasters and right holders are taking notice of the threats posed by piracy on OTT and IPTV channels. Today’s world is seeing the consumption of video in formats that are far removed from the plain old broadcast television that arrived back in the 1930’s and was the prevalent format for visual content into the 1990s in many parts of the world. As in many areas, however, the internet is disrupting the established paradigms. People now want to view what they want, when they want, anywhere, any time, on any device. Over the Top (OTT) and IPTV distribution channels allow them to... Read More
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The Changing Landscape of Brand Protection in the Media Industry
The entertainment media industry has changed and is experiencing explosive growth. The U.S. media and entertainment market is projected to grow to $771 Billion by 2019. This represents just one-third of the global industry which is set to reach $2 Trillion this year, with growth rates of over 20%. In the U.S. adults now spend half of their waking life consuming media, squeezing an average of 12 hours, 5 minutes per day of media usage into their waking hours. People no longer distinguish between on-line and off-line media. They are eager to share their online and offline experiences on social media... Read More


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