What are New gTLDs?

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The internet namespace is evolving

New generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) represent a major milestone in the expansion of the internet namespace. The challenges and opportunities they present for domain managers and brand owners have been unprecedented.

Top-level domains (TLDs) are the portion of a domain name located to the right of the dot. Prior to the launch of the New gTLD Program, there were 22 gTLDs, the most well-known of which is .com. The new gTLD expansion opened the door for brands, community groups and entrepreneurs to operate their own top-level domains.

ICANN opened the new gTLD application period in January 2012 and, in June 2012, ICANN released a list of 1,930 new top-level applications. These included applications for:

  • geographic terms (e.g., .nyc, .london, .osaka)
  • generics (e.g., .film, .fashion., .sports)
  • brands that applied for a TLD in their own names

Future applications rounds are anticipated as early as 2020. Now is the time to make sure you're prepared.

Critical steps to protecting your brand

Similar to traditional domains, you'll want to protect your presence online with a strategy that includes both defensive and proactive registrations where necessary. To safeguard your brand in the new gTLD world, you need to develop strategies that are right for your business.

Get started with this Strategy Checklist.

A registrar featuring a suite of services

Whether you decide to register new gTLDs, operate your own TLD or pass altogether, utilizing a registrar that provides a suite of new gTLD solutions, including New gTLD Strategy Consultations, Trademark Clearinghouse submission services, New gTLD Registration and Blocking Services, and .Brand Registrar Services enables companies like yours to make informed decisions that will help reduce the complexity surrounding new gTLDs.

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