MarkMonitor AntiFraud

Powerful protection from damaging phishing and malware attacks

MarkMonitor AntiFraud™ is the most comprehensive solution available for protecting an enterprise’s reputation and customers against phishing and malware attacks. Leveraging the industry’s most extensive network of industry alliances, MarkMonitor AntiFraud emphasizes prevention and loss mitigation while quickly detecting, monitoring and responding to attacks that do get underway. Enterprises use this powerful solution to preserve brand equity and customer trust while minimizing the potentially heavy costs and losses associated with attacks.

MarkMonitor Highlights

  • Provide multiple lines of defense — unlike other solutions, both preventive and reactive — against phishing and malware attacks

  • Prevent attacks before they happen with the Early Warning System®and tools for uncovering fraudsters while they’re still in the planning stages of an attack

  • Detect attacks before your customers do by monitoring and analyzing the industry’s widest range of intelligence sources, including spam feeds from the top ISPs and honeypots, plus antivirus vendor partners and other industry feeds

  • Mitigate loss and brand risk with early detection and response — minimizing the number of victims and related support costs — by sharing malware and phishing alerts via the broadest fraudcasting network of ISP’s, browsers, email providers and security vendor partners

  • Achieve shutdowns in a fraction of the industry average time by leveraging 24x7 security operations and the broadest technical shutdown network

  • Quickly identify targeted malware to enable internal team monitoring in support of forensics and credential recovery – then shut the sites down

  • Arm enterprises with critical intelligence for ongoing, proactive defense, with a web portal for real-time monitoring, reports on industry-wide fraud activity, and trend reports to help keep executives informed

Fraudsters are on the attack, targeting more than 400 brands each quarter and posing a threat to virtually any enterprise with a recognized brand and customer base. Because identity theft remains lucrative, attacks are increasing in both number and sophistication. And because more and more of these incidents represent concerted attacks on brands, revenue and reputation are affected as well.

The impact on enterprises goes well beyond network security, including brand erosion, decrease in online channel adoption, financial loss and even higher call center costs.

Fortunately, MarkMonitor AntiFraud puts these fraudsters on the defensive by proactively and comprehensively pre-empting many attacks and rapidly responding to those that do get underway.

MarkMonitor AntiFraud includes anti-phishing and anti-malware components; customers may use either component, or both, depending on their needs. These solutions begin with the Early Warning System, which monitors domain registrations and sounds the alert when suspicious names surface. Security teams use the largest Reverse WhoIs database in existence to uncover other illicit activity initiated by known or suspected fraudsters.

Phish and malware attacks are identified quickly, thanks to the largest array of intelligence feeds in the industry — leading ISPs, email providers, industry groups and partners, and honey-pots — coupled with powerful search and research capabilities. When an attack or site is identified, MarkMonitor AntiFraud rolls into action.

The industry’s fastest anti-fraud response. MarkMonitor analysts leverage relationships with ISPs, domain registrars, and hosting providers to have phishing sites shut down fast — up to 50% faster than with other solutions. When appropriate, MarkMonitor injects active phish sites with properly-formatted — but fake — credentials, rendering them virtually harmless. Malware attacks are monitored first, enabling forensics and credential recovery, and then shut down.

In virtually every case, the Industry’s broadest fraudcasting network goes to work: allied email providers, ISPs, browsers and security vendors block access to known phish and malware attack sites, preventing hundreds of millions of Internet users from accessing them. Malware samples are distributed rapidly to anti-virus vendors to mitigate attacks.

Home of anti-fraud experts. MarkMonitor maintains its own 24x7 Security Operations Center, staffed with fraud experts who are there to help when issues arise anywhere in the world — and who can free your team to pursue other important work.

Prevention is the key. By significantly reducing the potential number of victims and ROI of these attacks, MarkMonitor AntiFraud makes your organization a less attractive target. MarkMonitor offers another powerful defense other providers don’t — pre-emptive registration against potential phish site domain names. Together with their other prevention-focused, rapid response capabilities, MarkMonitor AntiFraud offers the most comprehensive protection against phishing and malware attacks available anywhere.

With MarkMonitor AntiFraud on the lookout, your brand enjoys the customer confidence it deserves — and that translates into more online transactions.

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