The world's strongest defense against phishing, malware and fraudulent attacks

For brand owners, deceptive phishing scams and infectious malware attacks represent more than just a danger to their customers' personal and financial information. These exploits are also a direct assault on revenues and profits, and represent a strategic business problem that can erode customer trust and undermine digital channel adoption.

MarkMonitor AntiFraud™ enables enterprises to prevent, quickly detect, and mitigate malware and phishing attacks across a range of digital channels. By leveraging deep domain and brand protection expertise and an extensive network of industry partners, MarkMonitor is uniquely positioned to help you stay in front of fraudulent phishing and malware activity — protecting your brand, profits and customer relationships.


Phishers Target New Industries for Broader Reach



Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose MarkMonitor AntiFraudTM