Fight Counterfeiting & Piracy

Shut down illegal sales and downloads

Demand for counterfeit and pirated goods continues to rise, with industry sources estimating lost revenues worldwide due to counterfeiting and piracy at $200B annually. The Web fuels the problem; it’s easier than ever for counterfeiters and pirates to capitalize on the immediacy, global reach and anonymity of the Internet.

The answer: Rights owners must pinpoint, monitor, and enforce across as many online distribution and promotional channels as possible to shut down online counterfeit sales and pirated digital content. MarkMonitor® offers the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for combating the online distribution and promotion of counterfeit and pirated goods.

MarkMonitor Brand Protection™

Safeguard profits and authorized channels by shutting down sales of counterfeit and grey market goods on B2B exchanges, auction and eCommerce sites.

MarkMonitor AntiPiracy™

Protect revenues by shutting down the illegal distribution and promotion of pirated digital content across the widest-array of Internet channels—from peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, user generated content sites, live and video streaming sites and usenet services to search engines, social media and other websites.