Domain Management

Establish and defend your brand online

MarkMonitor Domain Management™ lets any large enterprise protect a vital component of its brand and its business: its portfolio of domain names. Domain Management safeguards brands and revenues easily and efficiently.

An integrated software and services solution already used by well over half the Fortune 100, Domain Management gives you complete visibility into the global domain space so you can proactively seize opportunities, prevent others from undermining your brand and revenues and efficiently manage domain names.

Domain Management Highlights

  • Ensures domains are safe with a “hardened” portal and a full suite of premium security solutions, including advanced security measures at the registrar level — and, security services to lock domains down to the registry level

  • Establishes and provides cost-effective, enterprise-wide domain management enabling secure registration of active and defensive domains from any location, leveraging the industry's most powerful suite of ordering, tracking, transaction management, approval workflow and documentation tools

  • Provides domain status worldwide, identifying issues and opportunities quickly, easily and proactively through a seamlessly consolidated domain view and the industry's most comprehensive domain rules and requirements list

  • Intelligently identifies and closes gaps when they occur using the industry-first MarkMonitor Trademark Lookup and other intuitive tools

  • Enables efficient domain recovery when M&A, product launches and other events dictate, with services from the trusted leader in domain portfolio management for large, global corporations

  • Prevents illicit domain abuse tactics — such as cybersquatting — by using defensive domain registration to block others from exploiting domain names associated with your brand.

Now you can minimize the very real, very substantial risks associated with maintaining a global web presence — and ensure your enterprise reaps the greatest benefit possible from its online properties — with the same comprehensive domain management solution used by well over half the Fortune 100: MarkMonitor Domain Management.

Domain Management delivers simplified, auditable domain administration at every step, so domain registry changes are completed quickly and correctly, protecting and securing your interests on the Internet.

The solution begins with seamless research and problem-solving tools — including the industry-leading Trademark Lookup and the most comprehensive repository of global domain registration rules and requirements anywhere — to enable fast, easy retrieval of domain ownership information and requirements.

Next, flexible domain ordering options let your team accurately develop, stage and schedule registrations, while streamlined, secure approval workflows let you set up appropriate checks and balances without sacrificing efficiency.

Powerful transaction management tools let you easily track the what, when and who of changes to your domains. And you can simplify audit and recordkeeping by storing electronic and scanned documents, linked to domains or domain groups, when appropriate.

Domain Management enables you to minimize the very real, very substantial risks associated with maintaining a global web presence — and ensure your enterprise reaps the greatest benefit possible from its online properties.

Domain Services

  • Brand Registrar Services

  • Trademark Clearinghouse Services

  • Registrations, renewals and transfers

  • Domain recovery, snapping and masking

  • Enterprise DNS

  • UDRP administrative services

  • Local presence

  • Domain locking

  • Mission-critical domain security, including Two Factor Authentication

  • SSL Certificates

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