Holistic solutions for protecting every brand online

Brand equity—one of the global enterprise’s greatest assets—directly impacts revenues, reputation and customer relationships. Strong brands have always been tempting targets for scammers and competitors; now, as business moves online, new threats are in play.

The inherent openness and anonymity of the Internet are creating unprecedented challenges: fraud, brand abuse and unauthorized channels. To defend its brands, channels and marketing investments from these ever-evolving online risks, today’s enterprise needs an entirely new approach: a holistic brand protection strategy that leverages technology to fight a technology-borne problem.

As the brand protection choice of more than half the Fortune 100, MarkMonitor® understands the unique challenges faced by enterprises and industries.

  • What is Brand Protection

    Online brand protection combats the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust that occurs when someone else exploits your brand for their own gain. READ MORE

  • Brand Protection ROI

    Smart brands are taking advantage of advanced technology and expertise from MarkMonitor to tackle online brand protection strategically and deliver immediate and compelling ROI. READ MORE

  • Role-based Solutions

    Powerful brands are valuable assets that are particularly vulnerable in the digital world. Online brand abuse significantly impacts virtually every aspect of the business and directly impacts revenues. Everyone has a role to play. READ MORE

  • Industry Solutions

    Every industry is different. MarkMonitor industry solutions blend and optimize our individual solutions with unparalleled service, support and expertise to meet specific brand protection needs. READ MORE

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