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Multi-channel detection and enforcement

MarkMonitor offers the most comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution enabling organizations to detect and analyze the broadest range of online brand abuse and combat it across all digital channels.

Fraudsters often leverage a number of different channels, trying to find gaps in your coverage to exploit and sell their counterfeit product. Our agile solution is able to quickly scale and meet the demands of a rapidly and ever changing online arena. MarkMonitor is able to detect, analyze, act and report across a multitude of channels including websites, marketplaces, search engines, social media, mobile apps and paid search.

Fighting counterfeiters can increase revenue – and lower costs

Counterfeiters detract revenue from your brand by redirecting consumers to their counterfeit products. This is damaging to your hard-earned brand reputation, which can translate to lower sales as customers begin to view your brand in a negative light. MarkMonitor helps protect your brand reputation – and revenues – by finding counterfeiters across all digital channels – and helping enforce against them.