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The true cost of fraudulent attacks

Malware creators are honing their social engineering tactics to better impersonate legitimate brands and dupe unsuspecting consumers into downloading malicious code designed to harvest private data or infiltrate an organization’s network. The danger goes far beyond the integrity of corporate systems and data – brand-associated malware can also tarnish brand reputation in the increasingly vital email channel, diminishing customer trust in online transactions and raising customer support costs to investigate and rectify the damage to consumers. Safeguarding your brand against malware requires a swift, proactive approach.

After investing heavily in building a corporate website and mobile app channel, it is imperative to keep those digital channels secure. If one of customer accidently accesses a malicious site, that customer will likely never trust that brand’s online channel again. Most likely, the victim will no longer be a customer of that brand, and switch over to a competitor. There are significant costs to consider after fraudulent attacks, including incident fire-fighting fees and increased customer support costs to rectify the damage. MarkMonitor helps customers protect their customers from falling victim to malware attacks. Fraud can truly damage a brand’s reputation and impact the business’s top and bottom line.

Powerful technology to help safeguard brand reputation

Only MarkMonitor combines powerful detection technology, comprehensive mitigation strategy and unmatched industry expertise to protect you and your valued customers from the dangers of malware attacks. MarkMonitor AntiMalware services ensure that the most visible channel conveying your brand – the email marketing channel – is free from malware attacks to help safeguard your marketing messages and brand reputation.