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Tactics and consequences of phishing attacks

Phishers use tactics such as look-alike or cousin domains, paid search scams, social media messages and business email compromise (BEC) attacks that deceive users into revealing personal information or user credentials. The impact on enterprise organizations goes well beyond network security: brand erosion, decreases in online channel adoption, financial loss and higher call center costs make anti-phishing initiatives a must for brand owners.

Tools to prevent, detect and mitigate phishing attacks are your first line of defense. With over a decade of industry expertise, MarkMonitor provides the industry leading anti-phishing solution to protect your brand and customers from these threats.

Preserve brand equity and customer trust

Only MarkMonitor combines powerful phishing prevention tools, detection technology, comprehensive mitigation strategies and unmatched industry expertise to protect you and your valued customers from phishing attacks. By partnering with MarkMonitor, you will not only stay in front of fraudulent phishing activity but preserve brand equity, protect online channel adoption, and safeguard revenues in the process.