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Phishing puts your customers’ financial assets at risk, as well as your company’s brand and reputation. Every day, more than half of Internet users receive at least one phishing email, with 9.2 million consumers duped into submitting personal data from phishing scams in 2015.

MarkMonitor provides a powerful anti-phishing solution that enables your enterprise to prevent, detect and mitigate phishing attacks across a range of digital channels—protecting your organization as well as its customers.

Tactics and consequences of phishing attacks

Phishers use tactics such as look-alike or cousin domains, paid search scams, social media messages and business email compromise (BEC) attacks that deceive users into revealing personal information or user credentials. The impact on enterprise organizations goes well beyond network security: brand erosion, decreases in online channel adoption, financial loss and higher call center costs make anti-phishing initiatives a must for brand owners.

Tools to prevent, detect and mitigate phishing attacks are your first line of defense. With over a decade of industry expertise, MarkMonitor provides the industry leading anti-phishing solution to protect your brand and customers from these threats.

Comprehensive phishing mitigation solution

The MarkMonitor AntiPhishing Solution is designed to protect your customers and prospects from phishing attacks with preventative tools that address threats before they launch. MarkMonitor uses its domain and brand protection expertise to provide brands with the best prevention, detection and mitigation against fraudsters. Proprietary preventative tools, such as the Early Warning System® (EWS) prevent fraudsters from launching phishing campaigns.

As an industry leader, MarkMonitor has the best detection capability—up to 50 percent more detection than other solutions—with comprehensive detection from the widest range of data sources including industry groups, ISPs, security companies, customer feeds, honeypots and proprietary analytical tools.

Our success is due to a three-pronged approach for the most effective, comprehensive mitigation strategy: deep analysis, extensive fraudcasting and fast shutdowns.

Comprehensive Solution With Multi-Tiered Mitigation Steps

  • Detect up to 50% more incidents than competitors with the industry’s leading phishing detection capability
  • Benefit from the industry’s widest range of intelligence sources via proprietary technology and industry partner relationships
  • Safeguard your brand with our extensive Fraudcasting network, sharing phishing alerts with ISPs, browsers, email providers and security vendors to block malicious sites within minutes of detection

Robust Prevention and Detection Tool

  • Employ proprietary tools such as the Early Warning System® (EWS) to prevent phishing and malware campaigns before they impact your customers
  • Use our phish kit analysis, an effective method offering enhanced intelligence and analytics for disrupting a fraudster’s business
  • Leverage upstream phishing detection during the attack planning stages by monitoring new domain registrations on over 105 million zone files
  • Detect fraudulent activities in over 170 countries across more than 14,000 networks

Exclusive Technology to Stay Ahead of Fraudsters

  • Experience a complete, real-time view of individual attacks and trends through our SaaS-based portal.
  • Enjoy the industry’s only portal API to enable integration with customers’ security event management products

Deep Insight Based on Technology and Expertise

  • Benefit from our leading position in domain management to detect phishing through new domain registration monitoring of over 105 million zone files
  • Receive 24x7x365 access to our Security Operations Center (SOC) and an assigned Client Services Manager to help implement best practices
  • Receive detailed reporting and analytics, including a monthly trend report and personalized weekly phishing incident report with SOC action steps

Unparalleled round-the-clock security and customer service

All customers receive access to our 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) and are assigned a Client Services Manager, who helps ensure that best practices are maintained and customer needs continuously met.

  • Assigned client services manager support: direct access to experienced & knowledgeable industry experts with over 10 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands
  • 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) maintains longstanding relationships with thousands of ISPs and registrars worldwide, spanning across 150 languages
  • Comprehensive detection from the widest range of data sources including industry groups, ISPs, security companies, customer feeds, honeypots and proprietary analytical tools to detect phishing sites targeting customers’ brands
  • Our industry experts provide on-going education & training, facilitate community, and provide opportunities to share best practices

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Preserve brand equity and customer trust

Only MarkMonitor combines powerful phishing prevention tools, detection technology, comprehensive mitigation strategies and unmatched industry expertise to protect you and your valued customers from phishing attacks. By partnering with MarkMonitor, you will not only stay in front of fraudulent phishing activity but preserve brand equity, protect online channel adoption, and safeguard revenues in the process.

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