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A global web presence is essential for building and strengthening brands. Registering domains is the first step to promoting your brand to a worldwide audience—and domain management is the first line of defense to prevent brand abuse, while maximizing domain ROI.

Your portfolio deserves round-the-clock protection. Get the peace of mind you need with MarkMonitor’s security-first innovations.

Secure your valuable domain assets and protect against attacks with our leading security capabilities.

  • API and single sign-on (SSO) create a streamlined and user-friendly interface
  • Gain control and accountability with granular permissions and full transaction logging
  • Customizable security levels for each of your domains
  • Two-factor authentication fortifies account access against account hijacking
  • Portal access control to prevent tampering with off-premises registration
  • Secure account management automatically notifies a secure email address when changes are made
  • DNS Monitoring identifies unauthorized DNS updates by scanning each domain name under management
  • Domain Masking keeps your ownership confidential until you’re ready to introduce your product or service to the market
  • Mission-Critical Domain Security combines maximum domain renewal periods with domain locking

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With domain name security breaches on the rise, protecting your business-critical domains must be a priority. By following these domain security best practices, brands can reduce security vulnerabilities and protect their reputation.

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