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Counterfeit spare parts can have fatal consequences—while also damaging reputations and revenues

No one wants consumers traveling in automobiles and aircraft whose safety is compromised by substandard parts. But according to the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, the global automotive industry loses US$12 billion annually to counterfeiting. To make matters worse, this in turn robs the industry of 750,000 jobs.

Enter the Internet, whose anonymity and global reach make it the ideal vehicle for trafficking in counterfeit and grey market parts on B2B exchange sites, online auctions and unauthorized eCommerce sites—undermining both the margins and the integrity of legitimate distribution channels. It’s equally frustrating that the scammers exploit brands built with tremendous care (and at great expense) to divert web traffic and disrupt the supply chain.

Driving away with their ill-gotten gains, these criminals leave legitimate brandholders with sagging demand, damaged channel relationships, and higher customer service and warranty costs—not to mention the staggering product liabilities involved when brakes, engine parts or other components fail.

Fortunately, automotive and industrial manufacturers can reclaim their brands, channels and revenues using the right combination of strategy, technology and vigilance. MarkMonitor® can help.

MarkMonitor at Work

A major industrial goods manufacturer protects their reputation and revenues by using MarkMonitor Brand Protection™ and MarkMonitor Domain Management solutions—shutting down online sales of counterfeit goods and throttling the brand abuse employed to divert traffic from authorized distribution channels.


Ongoing detection and consistent enforcement results in steadily decreasing
counterfeit sales and brand abuse.

How MarkMonitor Protects Manufacturers Brands Online

  • Quickly identify and clamp down on sites selling counterfeit and grey market auto parts, aircraft components and other industrial goods
  • Preserve brand equity and revenues by shutting down traffic interception tactics, and reclaiming web traffic intended for legitimate sellers
  • Reduce false warranty claims and customer service costs—while bolstering customer trust—by removing counterfeit and grey market goods from online marketplaces
  • Maintain healthy margins and strong relationships by effectively managing channels and acting against unauthorized sellers
  • Help bring down big offenders by identifying multi-channel operators and amassing evidence to enable investigations into supply sources
  • Keep multiple brands strong online through proactive domain portfolio management


  • $1.2 million in counterfeit and unauthorized products removed from a single auction site in just six months
  • A four-fold decrease in the number of illicit exchange and auction site listings, restoring legitimate revenue flow
  • 60% of squatted sites shut down in less than four weeks, enabling previously diverted web traffic to more easily find authorized resellers
  • 95% reduction in unauthorized use of copyrighted brand images and text
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