Hardware & Software Technology Industries

Uniquely vulnerable to fraud, counterfeiting and piracy, technology providers face tough challenges

The Internet has driven abundant innovation and flexibility, but its anonymity and global reach invite unauthorized and even fraudulent activity.

Hardware manufacturers lose millions in revenues when counterfeit and grey market goods produced overseas are sold on online B2B exchanges. The damage deepens when wholesalers buy fake goods, then resell them on auction and eCommerce sites. Meanwhile, authentic product obtained through illicit means often re-enters the supply chain, appearing on both authorized and unauthorized storefronts.

Software companies face the same challenges—plus additional threats associated with the downloadable nature of their products. Pirated software is sold through peer-to-peer networks, eCommerce and auction sites. The numbers are staggering—Business Software Alliance estimates that more than one third of all software installed on personal computers is obtained illicitly.

Adding insult to injury, the fraudsters involved are exploiting carefully built brands—using spam, squatted domain names and other brand abuses—to lure consumers away. The result? Billions in revenues stolen from legitimate brandholders, sagging consumer demand and damaged channel relationships—along with higher customer service and product liability costs, while consumers are saddled with substandard (even dangerous) goods.

Technology companies can reclaim their brands, channels and revenues by taking decisive, proactive, and holistic action. MarkMonitor® can help.

MarkMonitor at Work

A single-brand, global technology provider with multiple product lines fights counterfeit sales, deceptive marketing and brand imposters, by using MarkMonitor Domain Management and the MarkMonitor Brand Protection™ solutions.


Ongoing detection and consistent enforcement results in steadily decreasing
counterfeit sales and brand abuse.

How MarkMonitor Protects Hardware and Software Technology Brands Online

  • Prevent revenue loss by quickly clamping and shutting down sales of pirated software on P2P sites, and attacking the sale of knock-offhardware on B2B exchanges, auction and eCommerce sites
  • Keep traffic flowing to legitimate channels by shutting down spam, domain squatting and other web traffic interception schemes
  • Build and keep brands strong online through proactive but efficient domain portfolio management
  • Reduce false warranty claims and customer service costsby getting counterfeit, pirated and grey market goods off the market
  • Keep reseller programs healthyby managing channels and acting against unauthorized sellers


  • 67% global reduction in squatted sites, enabling recovery of 95,000 daily legitimate site visits
  • 62% decrease in inappropriate brand usage, helping to restore reputation and consumer confidence
  • 82% decrease in counterfeit listings being found and shut down, returning revenue to rightful brand owners
  • More than $500,000 annual counterfeit trade halted on B2B exchange sites, dramatically improving control of supply chain
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