Online Services Industry

For companies highly dependent on customer trust, phishing and fraud pose dangerous threats

Along with the business innovation, low-cost distribution and instantaneous communication opportunities brought about by the Internet ... comes an array of significant challenges for the same companies that have helped fuel its growth.

Internet companies have successfully created massive communities around their online portals, marketplaces and social networking sites—but nearly every aspect of their business depends on customer trust. Unfortunately, this trust is regularly exploited by fraudsters, through phishing and malware attacks designed to steal identities and divert traffic to illicit or competing sites.

Adding insult to injury, the fraudsters involved are exploiting carefully built brands—using spam, squatted domain names and other brand abuses—to lure consumers away. The result? Sagging traffic, billions in stolen revenues, and fearful consumers—many plagued by identity theft.

Internet companies can reclaim their brands and the trust of users by taking decisive, proactive and holistic action. MarkMonitor® can help.

MarkMonitor at Work

A global top-5 Internet site with operations in more than 250 countries counters phishing and malware exploits, illicit domain registration and stolen web traffic by using MarkMonitor AntiFraud™ and Domain Management.


Rapid shutdown of phishing sites, "fraudcast" warnings, and ongoing detection
decreases phishing, cybersquatting and stolen web traffic.

How MarkMonitor Protects Online Services Brands

  • Maintain consumer confidence in online venues by detecting and rapidly shutting down phishing and malware attacks
  • Warn consumers and community members directly of new attacks via fraudcasting alerts
  • Keep traffic flowing to legitimate brands and venues—and strengthen consumer confidence—by shutting down spam, domain squatting and other web traffic interception schemes
  • Build and keep brands strong online through proactive but efficient domain portfolio management


  • More than 2,000 phish shutdowns
  • $40 million in cost savings from successful phish and malware shutdowns and fraudcast consumer warnings
  • Marked decrease in attempted phish attacks as scammers moved on to easier targets
  • Near-90% decrease in cybersquatting, reducing customer confusion
  • Recapture of 1.9 million visits per day through reduction in stolen web traffic and domain abuse
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