Retail Industry

How smart retailers protect online revenues and customer loyalty

As e-commerce continues to rise, so too does online brand abuse, perpetrated by fraudsters who exploit powerful retail brands to lure consumers and siphon profits.

Brand abuse in mobile apps or paid search, cybersquatting and false association are some of the tactics fraudsters use to divert valuable traffic away from legitimate retail brands. Other cybercriminals leverage trusted brands to launch phishing attacks and gift card scams, while counterfeiters use marketplaces and copycat websites to sell fake goods.

As a result, legitimate retail brands suffer significant revenue losses, lower marketing ROI, erosion in brand equity and waning customer loyalty and trust.

MarkMonitor at Work

A large multinational retailer with numerous name brands, operating online and in many stores worldwide, fights stolen Web traffic, counterfeiting, phishing and gift card scams online using MarkMonitor Brand Protection™, Domain Management and MarkMonitor AntiFraud™.


Global domain management and enforcement against online sales of counterfeit
branded goods recoup lost revenue and reduce stolen Web traffic.

How MarkMonitor protects retail brands:

  • Keep Web traffic — and sales — flowing to legitimate retail e-commerce sites, by helping to shut down paid search abuse, spam, cybersquatting and other schemes that intercept Web traffic
  • Retain rightful retail revenues — by enforcing against the online sales of counterfeit branded goods
  • Maintain consumer confidence in making online purchases — and keep sales strong — by quickly identifying and shutting down phish attacks, gift card scams and other fraudulent schemes
  • Establish e-commerce sites and other promotional Web assets through proactive and efficient domain portfolio management
  • Keep your brand strong by detecting and appropriately responding to misuse and misrepresentation of brands by fraudsters or misguided partners


  • 90% decrease in squatted domains, significantly reducing diverted Web traffic from retailer’s legitimate site
  • Marketplace listings of counterfeit private-label goods cut by 86% through monitoring and aggressive enforcement
  • Dramatic cost savings and efficiency gains through global consolidation of domain portfolio
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