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Online sales are booming—phishers, scammers and counterfeiters want in

According to eMarketer, online retail sales will rise at double-digit rates for the next three years. Masters at using brands to drive business, many retailers are now seeing online sales begin to outstrip the growth in the brick-and-mortar side of their business.

That’s real opportunity for e-tailers—but also for fraudsters out to steal business, and for cybercriminals and unscrupulous competitors who exploit trusted brand names to lure consumers to illicit sites. Using paid search abuse, cybersquatting, and false claims of association, they divert traffic away from legitimate online venues. Other outlaws leverage trusted brands to mount phishing attacks and gift card scams, while counterfeiters use auction sites and eCommerce sites to sell their illicit wares. In fact, savvy eCriminals routinely create their own eCommerce stores to market and sell their counterfeit branded goods.

The impact on legitimate brandholders? Revenue losses in the millions, lower marketing ROI, erosion in brand equity, and waning customer loyalty and trust—not to mention a growing reluctance, by many consumers, to make purchases online.

Fortunately, online retailers can protect their brands and revenues by taking proactive, holistic action. MarkMonitor® can help.

MarkMonitor at Work

A large multi-national retailer with numerous name brands, operating online and in many stores worldwide, fights stolen web traffic, counterfeiting and phishing scams online using MarkMonitor Brand Protection™, Domain Management and MarkMonitor AntiFraud™.


Global domain management and enforcement against online sales of counterfeit
branded goods recoup lost revenue and reduce stolen web traffic.

How MarkMonitor Protects Retail Brands

  • Keep web traffic—and sales—flowing to legitimate retail sites, by shutting down search abuse, spam, domain squatting and other web traffic interception schemes
  • Retain rightful retail revenues—by identifying and shutting down online sales of counterfeit branded goods
  • Maintain consumer confidence in making online purchases—and keep sales strong—by quickly identifying and shutting down phish attacks, gift card scams and other fraudulent schemes
  • Safely establish online storefronts and other web assets through proactive and efficient domain portfolio management
  • Keep your brand strong by detecting and appropriately responding to misuse and misrepresentation of brands by scammers or competitors


  • 90% decrease in squatted domains, significantly reducing the traffic diverted away from retailer sites
  • Auction listings of counterfeit goods slashed and stabilized—at less than 50% of former levels
  • Abusive listings of counterfeit goods at online exchanges cut by 86% through monitoring and aggressive enforcement
  • Dramatic cost savings and efficiency gains through global consolidation of domain portfolio management
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