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Too many consumers on their way to legitimate travel brands online are getting rerouted—by scammers

According to eMarketer, US travel sales booked online will rise 12 percent every year. Yes, the travel industry has moved online—where customer loyalty and trust, always a key to the industry, demand a positive customer experience at every brand touchpoint—including through affiliates and channel partners.

That customer experience is under attack. Bent on siphoning away both web traffic and revenue, scammers use an array of exploits: paid search abuse, cybersquatting, pay-per-click schemes and spam all diverting traffic to illicit or competitive sites. Meanwhile, cybercriminals conduct phishing and other attacks, exploiting trusted brands to steal traveler credentials and reward program assets. Problems come from “inside” as well, when travel franchisees and affiliates violate pricing and channel policies.

Left unchecked, these problems directly result in revenue losses—along with eroding brand reputation, flagging customer loyalty and trust and a reluctance to book online.

Fortunately, travel and hospitality organizations can protect their brands and revenues by taking proactive, holistic action. MarkMonitor® can help.

MarkMonitor at Work

A large hotel chain operating under 12 brands in 157 countries fights traffic interception schemes, phishing and 419 scams while ensuring affiliate compliance by using MarkMonitor Brand Protection™, Domain Management and MarkMonitor AntiFraud™.


Consolidated global domain management and rapid detection of channel non-compliance boost revenues, cut costs, reclaim diverted traffic and improve customer experience.

How MarkMonitor Protects Travel & Hospitality Brands

  • Keep traffic flowing to legitimate reservation portals—and protect the revenues they generate—by shutting down search abuse, spam, domain squatting and other web traffic interception schemes
  • Maintain consumer confidence in making reservations online—and in your brand—by detecting and rapidly shutting down phishing and malware attacks
  • Ensure a consistent consumer experience by identifying and correcting non-compliant pricing, sales, and content policies of affiliates, franchisees and other partners
  • Maintain control of invaluable online “real estate” through proactive and efficient domain portfolio management


  • $13 million in revenue recaptured by enforcing against cybersquatting and web traffic interception schemes
  • $1.7 million in revenue recaptured by detecting and shutting down paid search abuse
  • $23.5 million in revenue increases by correcting compliance problems on 425 affiliate and franchisee sites
  • 215 infringing sites taken down where fraudsters were falsely affiliated with legitimate brands
  • 7 phishing and 419 scams shut down enabling savings of $140,000
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