Industry Solutions

Unrivaled solutions and service designed to meet the brand protection needs of any industry

Entertainment & Media

Includes movie and recording studios, publishers, TV/cable networks and online gaming.

Consumer Goods

Includes designer clothes, jewelry, watches, and other luxury goods, as well as footwear, sporting goods, toys, household and personal care goods.

Online Services

Includes Internet companies, search engines and online portals, online marketplaces and career sites, online payment processors and social networking companies

Hardware & Software Technology

Includes technology companies providing hard goods or software systems.

Automotive & Industrial

Includes manufacturers of automotive parts, aircraft parts, machinery, tools and equipment.


Includes retail store operators and eCommerce organizations.

Travel & Hospitality

Includes online travel portals, plus hotel, restaurant and auto rental chains.

Financial Services

Includes banks, credit unions, insurance companies, mortgage companies, and brokerage companies.


Includes providers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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