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Advisory services. MarkMonitor also offers a range of custom-configured Advisory Services provided by our highly experienced brand protection analysts. Based on proven best practices, these services may include strategy development and review, training, domain services, physical surveillance and investigation, trademark protection and anti-phishing services. MarkMonitor Advisory Services are not legal services. Instead, the Advisory Services complement customer’s legal strategies to make the administration of simple enforcement actions more efficient and cost effective.

Uniquely positioned to provide unsurpassed brand protection services. MarkMonitor focuses exclusively on brand protection for corporations and is the world’s largest corporate domain registrar (ICANN-accredited since 1999). As a recognized industry advocate for brand owners, we play ongoing leadership roles with a number of industry organizations including ICANN, INTA, APWG and IACC. Our strong relationships and alliances with other registrars, ISPs, standards groups, exchanges and security vendors enable us to more quickly and efficiently prevent, detect and shut down online brand abuse.

Maximum brand protection — without resource drain. Enterprises that leverage MarkMonitor Managed Services cite a variety of reasons: the knowledgeable Client Services Managers; the deep expertise of brand protection professionals who earn a near-perfect customer satisfaction rating; even the ability to share ideas and strategies with our customer community including over half the Fortune 100. MarkMonitor Managed Services enable enterprises to more effectively protect their brands while better allocating internal resources.