Partner Compliance

Optimize partner relationships and drive incremental revenue

Maintain partner relationships to expand reach in digital channels

Brands have become increasingly reliant on partners such as dealers, franchisees and affiliates, to expand their reach into digital channels, but partners that inadvertently misuse your brand assets can cause channel conflict, increase marketing costs and drain profits. Keeping partners brand compliant is a critical activity, but it requires a different approach than with intentional infringers. Maintaining valuable partner relationships while holding partners accountable can be a difficult balancing act.

Maintain valuable partner relationships and maximize ROI

Non-compliant activity can divert traffic from a brand’s website, affecting sales, commissions, marketing ROI and the bottom line. In addition, when partners compete for paid search keywords, it can drive up a brand’s marketing costs – potentially by tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary advertising spend.

MarkMonitor Partner Compliance provides compliance teams with the expertise and guidance they need for effective 24/7 monitoring and remediation across digital channels – saving brands from losing money while giving partner marketing teams more bandwidth to develop valuable partner relationships and drive incremental revenue.