Role-based Solutions

Brand abuse has a significant impact across the business. Everyone has a role to play.

Every business needs to protect their brand online. Powerful brands are valuable assets that are particularly vulnerable in the digital world. The risks of brand abuse are escalating rapidly due to the web's efficiencies and shifting consumption patterns for digital content. A brand protection strategy crafted specifically to combat online threats addresses your brand's unique needs and safeguards your revenue and reputation.

  • CEO

    In the digital world, a strong reputation and customer trust are critical to drive revenue, market share and customer growth. Taking steps to protect your brand online is key to safeguarding your business.

  • Brand Management

    In the digital world, brand abuse can erode even the strongest brand. An effective online brand protection strategy is critical to ensure the integrity of your brand and reputation.

  • eCommerce

    For eCommerce teams, success means driving revenue—and revenue depends on traffic. The most powerful force for driving that traffic is a trusted brand.

  • Interactive Marketing

    Interactive marketers rely on the power of their brand to drive business to their company website, giving them every reason to protect it.

  • Legal

    Legal departments work at the core of an organization's brand protection efforts, setting up crucial defenses and enforcing brandholder rights.

  • Brand Protection

    Brand protection professionals are charged with securing brand integrity, protecting customers, and policing the supply chain—online and offline.

  • Information Technology

    In addition to phishing and malware, forward-thinking IT departments protect their brand across all channels in the increasingly complex online landscape.

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