Why MarkMonitor

MarkMonitor helps the world’s leading companies establish and defend their brands online. Over half the brands we surveyed reported they were victims of cyber crime. See more in our latest report.


Start where it counts — with your consumer

MarkMonitor is the first brand protection solution to prioritize the infringements your consumer is most likely to see.

We achieve this by leveraging native marketplace search engines, rather than generic alternatives. In addition, our network of tens of thousands of IP proxies worldwide replicates exact consumer views from any location in the world.

This means smarter, higher-impact strategies built around the online consumers’ journey as they look for your brand online.

The only solution that aims before it deploys

Unlike other brand protection services, we first ensure clear visibility into IP infringements, such as counterfeiting, that well-intentioned consumers are exposed to by employing technology that analyzes and prioritizes your biggest threats. You’ll be light years ahead of threat actors and fully prepared for successful enforcements.

Why protect your brand any other way?

Advanced solutions include:


Native marketplace search technology mirrors exactly what your consumer sees online, so you can focus your efforts on the listings that matter most.


Dive deeper into your search with results from any shopper’s exact whereabouts, thanks to tens of thousands of IP proxies around the globe.


Data science prioritizes the findings that look most suspicious, making you more efficient with your time and resources.


By combining data from multiple online data sources and using big-data analytics, we help you target the most egregious offenders.

How the consumer-centric approach works

Protect the paths your consumers take to find you

Get a clear, cross-channel picture of what your consumer sees when searching your brand, from websites and marketplaces to social media, mobile and more.

Focus on the first few pages of results that shoppers view, localized to any city in the world. Our advanced technology scans millions of webpages for squatters, infringers and fraudsters. From marketplaces to websites, social media, search engines and more, you can finally see it all from your consumer’s eyes.

Cover the entire spectrum of threats

From cybersquatting to piracy, to fraud and anti-counterfeiting, MarkMonitor is the leading brand protection provider with the solutions and expertise you need to protect your brand.

AntiCounterfeiting, IP Protection, and Partner Compliance

MarkMonitor protects your brand integrity and revenues by helping you enforce against counterfeiters. Our partnerships with marketplaces across the globe and our international team, with special expertise and presence in China, can help you protect your brand across all channels.

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MarkMonitor can help you protect your digital content from piracy. Our NetResult Live Streaming AntiPiracy product also protects your live-event streaming content.

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MarkMonitor provides anti-phishing and anti-malware solutions, as well as tools to protect you from threats in the Dark Web.

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Domain Management

MarkMonitor helps you efficiently and safely manage your corporate domain portfolios.

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Managed Services

MarkMonitor provides an expert team of brand protection experts who can offer consulting services ranging from insights into your brand protection strategy to enforcement assistance.

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Our top priority is your bottom line

Advanced technologies make it possible for your program to deliver immediate and compelling ROI.

You’ll see results across cost savings, revenue, web traffic, partner compliance, listing removals and more. Simplified reporting, with enhanced charts and visuals, makes it easier than ever to communicate the success of your strategy — but your improved returns will tell the most compelling story of all.

The same way you’re invested in your brand, MarkMonitor is invested in your success.

MarkMonitor has not only provided Nissan with the technology and resources to aggressively combat online counterfeiting, it has also helped to demonstrate the ROI of using those solutions to protect the Nissan brand.

Andy Forsythe Nissan North America

A trusted brand protection partner

MarkMonitor has been a brand protection leader since our inception in 1999. We boast the highest number of successful enforcements across industries.

Clients depend on our solutions to advocate on their behalf, with more than half of the Fortune 100 relying on our services and 180+ partners backing our efforts.

We are happy with the effectiveness of brand protection effort and high success rate in enforcements compared to other players in the industry. The customer service is above and beyond.

Global 500 Insurance Company

100% of our Global 500 customers agree that MarkMonitor is a true partner in helping protect their brand online.

MarkMonitor helps us take down tens of thousands of infringing listings in online marketplaces. MarkMonitor has also helped us enforce against many cybersquatters.

Large Enterprise Consumer Products Company

97% of our Global 500 and Fortune 500 customers would recommend MarkMonitor.

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