Markmonitor is protecting brands from today’s ever-evolving security threats.

Secure Your Valuable Brand Assets

In today’s domain environment, businesses must make critical decisions about what, where, and how to secure and protect valuable brands on the Internet to help combat constantly evolving brand abuse.

Cybercriminals are using increasingly advanced techniques, and, as such, domains require around-the-clock protection to maintain business continuity, brand reputation, and customer trust. Protect your critical assets with Markmonitor’s suite of security capabilities. 

A Simplified Experience


Secure account management, with intrusion detection of core systems & penetration testing


API and single sign-on (SSO) give a streamlined, user-friendly interface for easy management experience


Granular permissions and full transaction logging for accountability, control, and peace of mind


Customizable security levels for each of your domains to ensure your entire portfolio remains protected

Highly-Secured Access

Two-Factor Authentication fortifies account access against account hijacking 

IP Address Whitelisting & User Access permissions prevent unauthorized access & give you control  

Secure Account Management automatically notifies a secure email address when changes are made 

Full-Scale Protection

DNS Monitoring identifies unauthorized DNS updates by scanning each domain name under management


Domain Masking keeps your ownership confidential until you’re ready to introduce your product or service to the market


Mission-Critical Domain Security combines maximum domain renewal periods with advanced domain locking


Maximize Portfolio Value with DNS Management

The Markmonitor DNS platform provides businesses with a better way to manage DNS and foster immediate and sustained ROI. Fully integrated with our domain management solution, this intuitive graphical interface enables users to manage large numbers of zones quickly and easily. 


Upgrade to Premium DNS for a high-performance solution combining sophisticated multi-provider infrastructure with an intuitive graphical user interface, featuring five Anycast clouds spread over 40 geographic locations to answer DNS queries rapidly around the globe.


Markmonitor DNS platform features include:

  • 99.9% Guaranteed uptime with Markmonitor Premium DNS
  • Real Time Propagation for DNS records that propagate within minutes
  • Quick Record Adding to add single records in seconds, and make small changes quickly and easily 
  • DNS Lockdown for an extra layer of security to prevent accidental zone changes
  • Import Existing DNS Records with a Zone import feature
  • Flat Rate Pricing — an industry first  provides one price for 12 months with no overages